Automobile Service


Intelligent Technology Solutions For Automobile Service


Vehicles are getting Smarter with Key-less opens, location tracking, bluetooth connect and other advancements.


Luxury and Comfort today comes connected with people ready to spend money on Automobiles and Brands. This has led to increase in expectations of the customer to have a Best Ride Experience in Latest Technology equipped vehicles and get World Class after Sales Service.


Whenever a vehicle comes in for a service at VehicleCare service centers, although primary thing is Vehicle inspection but along with this an excepted arrangement for the vehicle owner is where he is offered a pleasant waiting area where he can view his vehicle from, offered a cup of coffee and snacks, a free WiFi to keep him connected with internet, pick and drop and more. A Relationship Manager ensures the Best Service Center experience for him keeping an eye on the Vehicle service at the same time.


Customer Centric VehicleCare Approach

The increased Customer Expectation has led to a structural shift in the with Automobile Industry as companies are today working towards introducing High Grade Technology in their vehicles and staying ahead taking steps in providing Best in class Customer Service Experience by managing data related to each customer to give personalized attention to the vehicle and the customer at the same time.


Interworld Commnet offers Smart Apps for the Automobile Industry and has been working with many Big Brands to develop and integrate Customized Business Oriented Software and Apps to align Operations processes of the Automobile vendors and create ideal service environment for both workers and Customers.


A Car owner nowadays can book an Automobile Service using an App. He can get notifications about the upcoming service Schedule, view Job Sheets and print invoices for the preceding services. Road Assistance services helps customers find nearest Service centers. They can also give a call and the services team will be available next to the vehicle to assist whenever,wherever required.


There are a number of possibilities that have become very common like now a Service Manager can use App to easily pull out service details to understand customer’s machine and give optimum Suggestions for the vehicle every-time. He can create invoices and job sheets using his App, with just a few taps on the mobile device.


Inspection and Audit Systems App provides recommendations on what level of Care needs to be given to the vehicle on the basis of the historical and vehicle parts fatigue reports to take calculative decision in spare parts and replacement.


CallCentre App with integrated ticketing engines and 24×7 Live Chat facilitates are available to give assurance and answer the doubts of the customers. Any complaints are given importance and taken very seriously to improve customer interactions with Brand.


Not just the customer side Interworld Commnet also offers Mechanic App Solutions which helps in increasing the efficiency of the service employees. Data Analytics services to measure productivity of employees and so that organizations can identify what kind of operational improvements can are required to get the best out of the working resources. Key Performance Indicators further helps in evaluating work performance to formulate appropriate training plans to enhance skill of the workforce.