Apple is going after Facebook by letting people talk to business in iMessage-here’s how it works

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14 Jun Apple is going after Facebook by letting people talk to business in iMessage-here’s how it works

Apple is going after Facebook by letting people talk to business in iMessage-here’s how it works


With iOS 11 release to release this fall, plans to help businesses communicate with their clients and customers. Businesses today are dependent on social media such as FacebookTwitterLinkedIn, Instagram , Pinterest, etc. But the Apple Company and iPhone’s are helping to promote Businesses through iMessage which is Inbuilt in the Phones. This is a new way to promote your Business in a smart manner.

Long back when Blackberry was a Business mobile phone giant and offered products that were specifically made to help professionals interact with their client through emails and BBM pins. With business getting on mobile device it has become important to be easily able to connect with the customers and clients 24×7. Being a most liked mobile operating system it becomes important for Apple to offer such integrated features to iphone users.

Apple has updated their webpage on the website which clearly says “With Business Chat, your customers can connect with you, have Personalized Conversations, and even make Purchases with Apple Pay”.


More about iMessage

iMessages are also a social app which is inbuilt in iPhones, now this app is used for Business Chat. It is a type of Facebook chatting on Facebook Messenger but iMessages maintains professionalism thus the communication done on imessage will more worth than Facebook.




Here are some points which help you to understand about Business Chat done on iMessages:


  1. The iMessages Business chat will be available to iOS 11 users. They can find business through Siri, Maps, Safari and Spotlight Search.
  2. Through Chat customers  can ask questions, Purchase any item etc. They can directly chat with the business and all purchases are handled through Apple Pay.
  3. Businesses will be able to create campaigns or events according to the customer’s schedule. Customers will be easily able to chat so that they can come and see the products nicely.
  4. If the customers ask the details of a particular product before purchasing we can tell them to download Standalone Apps. iMessages have a good software to beat the complex tasks. For eg, Booking a seat in a Arena.
  5. Business Chat also help customers to get a good platform for them like Salesforce, GenesysNuance and Live Person.


Customer support bots have been Facebook’s best hope for monetizing Messenger and WhatsApp to date. Messenger’s early chatbots were largely convoluted and underwhelming, but the app has taken recent steps to make them simpler and more accessible.

WhatsApp is testing its own customer support system for businesses but has yet to make it available broadly. Such chatbots are already widely popular in Asian social apps like Tencent’s WeChat.

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