Internet Of Things


Internet Of Things:

Connected Communication between Devices

img-sapIoT is a managed form of Machine to machine communication with connected networks of Sensors and Trans-receivers for collecting, measuring and securely transmitting data to cloud for processing and improving the lifestyle.

Technology that Makes Sense

img-sapInter-networking of all possible physical devices, vehicles, building and products with embedded Electronics, Software, Sensors, Actuators and network connectivity to bring a fundamental shift in taking very targeted and informed decisions in context with the surroundings.


Interworld Commnet has been building specialized, integrated solutions to capacitate Big Brands and Government Institutions bring IoT systems to use and formulate a seamless relation between machines and devices to gather raw data, transform it into information to gain insight and maximize returns on their asset investments.

IoT is the Future

Since, IoT connects people-people, people-things, and things-things thus it form a base of a connectivity between you and surroundings, you and your business asset, you and the company’s workforce and offers a whole lot of opportunities to connect and understand the world in context with practical day to day scenarios. As per a well known research company Gartner there will be over 26 Billion connected devices by 2020.

IoT becomes a base for Smart City concept where the City shares information cross devices and inter-network with the residents to lead a health energy efficient lifestyle. This also helps bigger industries to streamline interlinked processes.

How we can help?

Interword Commnet offers secure and scalable IoT application development services and smart city solutions to meet the requirements of Individuals and Businesses.


IoT with Interworld Commnet
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4I’s Model – Build your IoT Apps in just 4 steps!



Interworld Commnet Big Data & Analytics


Data transmission through IoT gives rise to massive data sets to be managed, normalized and enriched to commute meaningful information that empowers businesses to analyze and act on events at lightening speed.

Our Data Management Module efficiently shapes huge volume of unstructured data generated from devices, sensors, remote terminal unit (RTU), and more.

Managed Analytics Module performs predictive, statistical, and spatial analytics providing you with actionable insights and increase  productivity.

IoT becomes worth the investment as now you get more time to concentrate on your Core Business rather than spending weeks in streamlining the business process.



Channel massive amount of data exploding from RTUs across the remote sites using basic low cost to advanced network modules.



Industry specific Scalable and Optimized solutions in-line with your Business needs and Business Expansion plans.



Real time and Scheduled triggers to empower businesses to analyze and act on events at lightening speed.