Leak Teasers of Apple iPhone 8 and OnePlus 5 (Rumor Marketing)

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14 Jun Leak Teasers of Apple iPhone 8 and OnePlus 5 (Rumor Marketing)

Leak Teasers of Apple iPhone 8 and OnePlus 5 (Rumor Marketing)


Sipping a cup of coffee in office, reading about technology, I found news on leaks of various upcoming gadgets, I was like where do these leaks come from? Are they the actual leaks or companies are actually planting them creating a much needs hype for their product.

With a few leaks about Iphone8 and One Plus5 was able to engage me and would engage million other curious followers and advocates of these mobile devices, there have been a series of teaser leaks about Apple iPhone8 and OnePlus 5. This gets people to talk, share and trigger the excitement of people about the launch.

Apple Iphone 8

A few leaks have brought re-imagined renders of the smartphone running on the newly announced iOS 11. Others rumors suggest iPhone 8 to be having a bezel-less display with no home button in the front side and small lip at the top edge to place the earpiece, and front camera sensor and can support laser and Infrared sensor to bring facial recognition capabilities and the Touch ID is said to be embedded underneath the display.

iphone 8 leaked
People are expecting Apple to integrate an OLED display, an Apple A11 chip, and a 3D front camera as well.
All unofficial statement but all matter to people waiting for the product. These unofficial news sometimes Wishlist’s of people, sometimes to planned by companies to create hype, sometimes real leaks and sometimes just fake stuff to get traffic on the website.

OnePlus 5

Full specifications of the upcoming flagship from OnePlus have also been claimed to be leaked and the price of OnePlus 5 has been tipped once again. There have been multiple leaks in past about OnePlus 5. One Plus 5 this time looks more like iPhone7 plus. The dual cameras at the back as well as the antenna lines are almost identical to Apple’s last year flagship. The smartphone will run OxygenOS based on Android 7.1.1 Nougat and feature a 5.5-inch full-HD (1080×1920 pixels) display with a range of DCI-P3 colours to ensure colour accuracy. OnePlus 5 is expected to be offered in two RAM variants, i.e. 6GB and 8GB. In terms of storage, the phone has been tipped to come with either 64GB or 128GB of UFS 2.1 storage.

oneplus_5 leaked


The Term Rumor Marketing

Rumor Marketing is not official though but both the term and associated gains exist. Very inexpensive teaser/prelaunch marketing strategy where companies doing it keeping themselves away from accepting that they planted the leak. These leaks only work for the product that have value preposition for which people want to know more on, waiting and want to listen about. A very popular case was a few days before the launch of an iPhone 4 an Apple engineer carelessly left the new prototype in a bar. The prototype was picked up by Gizmodo and this resulted in creating a buzz a normal campaign could not have whipped up. It added to the considerable collection of iPhone jokes and talk show hosts featured it as a hot story, and was found trending on various social channels.

rumor marketing


A rumor would only work if the product under consideration is very exclusive and has something about which people would love to read, know more about. The one who gets to leak the product also must want to flaunt it or must be able to use the communication channel to make it reach maximum people possible. So, your leak must have a very selective distributor who can be trusted in the same domain like a technology blog or somewhat in the same domain, so that the message/leak reaches to the audience gets excited on getting a leak and would share it with their friends and on their wall.

There is a reported case where Windows also has tried it a few times, especially by ‘leaking’ stories on the Windows 7 mobile phone OS launch, but with people more interested in android operated phones and iPhone handsets nobody had shown interest for windows. So, there has be stories where Rumor marketed has failed, proving that being very selected about the product is very important.

How and why are the rumors made and where do they pop out from?

Rumors if positive can play a major role in bringing things to success for a brand or an organization. The biggest corporations in the world use rumors. Very ironic examples of rumors reflects with stock prices rise and fall, competitors to start madly developing products — or abandoning them.

Most companies have also tried to use Rumor marketing to prevent people from buying some other product. Say if an Apple iPhone is about to release month after, a few rumors or leaks like Apple iPhone will be coming with a very unique design and will have support for Augmented Reality although informal can keep people from waiting for the product launch or motivate people to gather funds to buy an iPhone as it releases.

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