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Marketplaces & E-Stores


With smart phones in hands and internet connectivity consumer today now makes smarter purchase and have the power to research, compare and buy products. A few would See products offline and then buy from a website and vice-versa.


About Modern Retailing & E-Malls

Here’s the catch, since sellers/retailers now know that a product seen offline can be purchased online and product seen online can be purchased offline many retailers are adapting to a hybrid model and connected commerce is becoming a reality. Studies show that by next decade 85 per cent of the world population is expected to use the internet. In order to keep up with this pace retailers are seeing this as an opportunities to sell across the country with e commerce websites and at the same time provide In-store experience through Brick-and-mortar stores.


Concept of E-Malls: Newer in market are the websites with Marketplace models where retailers can set-up their Seller stores through a seller portal to offer the products for sale on the these e-commerce portals. eg:
Here, as somebody purchases on from Amazon through a listed seller, seller pays a certain amount of referring commission on each sale that happens to These websites cover major categories of product and with 1000’s of sellers offering different products these websites becomes the biggest e-Malls on web, offering millions of products without having to keep inventory with themselves. They cross sell, up-sell to the huge customer database that they collect with time, run lead generation campaigns, offer discounts to get more and more people to purchase from these stores. So, in this way both the sellers and Amazon gets benefited from a sale with customer having a pleasure of having a commodity delivered at the door step.

Interworld Commnet Smart Marketplace Solutions

With 1000’s of sellers, listing millions of products on E-commerce websites and Marketplaces both have one thing in common, they have plenty of data and millions of SKU’s to be managed to give hassle free and seamless customer experience. All this requires efficient data management and scalable technology solutions.
Our expertise in this arena spells out as such:

  • Cross category/tag-based search
  • Mass notification with tagging
  • Merchant and User management
  • In-App editing and uploading
  • Micro payments and transactions
  • Banking Integration
  • Coupons, Loyalty & Rewards