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19 May Marketing on Pinterest

Pinterest, nowadays has been used worldwide. This is the most viral social media platform around the people. There are approx 150 million users monthly who are on Pinterest. Pinterest is more about sharing ideas with your friends.

Businesses are able to use this as people reach here to gain knowledge, explore products and Businesses if are able to engage people through the information they provide can channelize this traffic to become a customer of their products or service.

A few facts to consider about Pinterest:

  • The half-life of a Pinterest pin is 1,600 times longer than a Facebook post.
  • He average Pinterest user spends 14.2 minutes pinning every time they log in.
  • 70% of social users turn to Pinterest specifically for inspiration on what to buy.


Getting Started

Normally, people use Pinterest for their pictures and posting trendy collection, but there is another way to use Pinterest when it comes to using Pinterest is sharing visual content to promote Business. Think of a scenario where someone pins your content and then say you get 10 repins on them. This create further ripples where out of 10 repins 2 repins go viral and are pinned by many.


Terms of Service

Firstly, you have to read about business terms of service which have been updated newly so that you get an idea of a brand of your business. After that create account of your business and access to web analytics tool.


Set your Profile Up for Success

Once you have created your website then you have to confirm your website for pinterest to get the business logo and then you can pin it on the website. Fill all the details of the profile so that the people should know about the brand and personality.


Create your Boards

Give your board a good name so that people can easily recognize. This will help the people to find the content easily. Also make a cover image for the board. Start pinning content to your boards everyday.


Become a Pinterest Pro

Give pins variety

Only pinning content from your own website can turn your followers off.  Pin content from other sources to add depth to your boards. Sharing something that is good increases your credibility and indicates that you are not biased to your brand but want to share what best you find in relation to your board and theme.


Make your descriptions compelling

Every single pin should have a description that tells more about your pin.  It’s also a good practice to add direct site links in your descriptions.  Just make sure that you don’t over-promote yourself and push a sale too hard.


Add the Pinterest widget to your site

Adding the Save Button to your site makes it easy for visitors to share your content to Pinterest.




Put relevant boards on top

If you have created seasonal holiday boards, those should be at the top of your page so that users will see your most engaging boards.


Our Best Tips for Marketing on Pinterest

You’re on your way to become a Pinterest marketing master.  Here are some of our best tips to help boost traffic and sales with Pinterest:


Apply for Rich Pins

On your personal Pinterest account, did you ever notice that some food pins have the recipe included in the pin?  Or that movie pins list the rating and actors?

That’s all thanks to Pinterest’s Rich Pins which come with advantages such as automatically updating along with your website, increasing the visibility of your pins, and making shopping easier for customers.  Apply for them as soon as you can to start experiencing their benefits!


Expand Visibility with Promoted Pins

Promoted Pins can significantly improve your reach by putting your pins in front of customers who are ready to buy.  Getting started with Promoted Pins is similar to any other PPC platform, so those who have experience in PPC won’t have too much trouble getting started.

Just remember that it’s okay if your first campaign is not an instant success.  Keep making changes and tracking results in order to optimize your ads for success.


Make Pinterest a Priority

We’ve seen it happen: Business owners go through the trouble of setting up their Pinterest accounts, only to let it slowly be neglected. However, our new Social Hub feature takes care of this problem by allowing you to schedule pins and view real-time analytics in one dashboard along with other marketing channels.

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