Interworld Commnet Passport Platform


With ways of transportation getting cheaper and companies expanding to explore new markets people today have started travelling across the world to visit new places and this has resulted in increased applications for passport registrations.
To make the process easy for both Citizens and the Passport Office Staff, Government has taken steps to bring everything online and streamline the Passport Registration process. For this they started looking for reliable vendor who could take up the responsibility to provide best in class end-to-end passport solutions.

Interworld Commnet with an years of experience in integrating and deploying Passport Service Management Solutions for various Government Institutions has enabled them move up the ladder by Upgrading, Restructuring and Standardizing the Passport service process as per the digital needs. Making this transition is a challenging task in itself, shifting/migrating from legacy systems to support the modern information protocols. Interworld Commnet helped these institutions move their database to stable digital instance, while keeping a check on data security of the system.


Interworld Commnet also provides training to Passport Office Staff so that they understand the new system well.


This Interworld Commnet Passport Platform deployment is divided into 5 main sections:

  • Easy to Navigate Citizen Portal For Passport Registration
  • Smartly Planned Core Passport Application for the administrator
  • Structured Office Networking
  • Database Alignment and Data Security
  • Employee Training


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