Unique Identity Card


Interworld Commnet Unique Identification Card Services


Planning for a Secure & Scalable Chip based Unique Identification Card with the vital Bio-metric and Demographic data?


Unique identification Card can contains all the critical information of a person which include name, address, phone number, bank account details, as well as your education qualifications and is also linked to the PAN card details. Along with this it can contain the bio-metric details which include a photo, fingerprint, iris details (Eye Scan).


Interworld Commnet has expertise in software to feed all this data biometric and demographic data into a card chip and helps you plan what all details are important to be shown on the card. Our solution stands good for all standardized biometric machines to collect the data from various devices and save in a secure centralized database.


With a user friendly website for Unique Identity Card holder users can view their information anytime and request to make changes in details by uploading required document and proofs on the portal. They can also lock-unlock their card so in case of lost or theft of the Unique Identity Card user can instantly lock the card so no body can read the information in the card.


Looking to get a Unique Identification Card made for your Financial Institution or Governmental purposes and have the permission from Unique Identification Authority can reach us at sales@innovativepeople.com